Embedded Banking | The Market Map for Banking as a Service Providers 2021

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The Embedded Banking Report | including The Market Map for Best BaaS Providers

Date published: H2, 2021

What’s inside: 35+ pages; 45 BaaS Providers in the Spotlight; 14+ charts and tables; The Market Map quadrant

Includes: The Market Map, provides a digital age framework to help decision makers select the right platform to meet their strategic needs. The Market Map is a proprietary methodology that assesses platforms on the basis of the ability to enable business model innovation and their ability to enable technology innovation.

The report also includes extensive information for each provider about services offered and geographies covered  – all compiled using publicly available information, complemented by a proprietary RFI process.

“This report is unique and timely in that it both takes a comprehensive look at the BaaS provider landscape and applies digital age criteria to assessing it. After reading the report, a decision maker will be able to determine which BaaS providers are able to meet their use cases in the location where they operate, but also which will enable the company to achieve their business objectives – whether adding a service to enhance an existing value proposition or using banking to springboard a more fundamental change in their business model.”

Simon Torrance, CEO of Embedded Finance & Super App Strategies

Table of contents:

1. Executive Summary

2. The Market Overview

  • What is Embedded Banking?
  • What’s the Difference between BaaS and Embedded Banking?
  • Embedded Banking is the Latest Wave of Fintech Evolution
  • Why is Everyone so Excited?
  • How Big is the Opportunity?
  • Is the Market Overcrowded?

3. Different BaaS Models

  • Vertically Integrated vs Modular
  • Operating Regions
  • Service Offerings

4. The BaaS Providers Spotlight

  • The Market Map – Our Methodology for Platform Evaluation
  • Our Assessment of BaaS Platforms
  • Do you risk being overserved by a Transformer0?

5. Appendix

  • A note on research methodology
  • Table 1: Who Does What
  • Table 2: Who Operates Where
  • Table 3: Who runs on who
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